• 5 Interesting Health Benefits of Organic Butternut Soup

    There are a lot of interesting health benefits of eating butternut soup and apart from that, there are a lot of ways that you can use to prepare the best butternut soup for you or your family’s consumption. The best thing is that you can prepare the butternut soup in any kind of way possible either by baking or boiling.


    1. Promotes regularity

    Did you know that enjoying just a cup of organic butternut soup can help prevent constipation and will also help keep your digestive tract very healthy. How? Butternuts contain a lot of fibre and just having a single cup of organic butternut soup means you will get to enjoy over 7 grams of fibre in one serving.


    2. Helps with improving eyesight

    Butternuts are loaded with a lot of Vitamin A. It’s found in almost unlimited quantities. By just enjoying a single sauce, you will get access to over 300 percent of the maximum recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A.


    Apart from the many vitamins in Butternut soup, there are also antioxidants namely Zeaxanthin and Lutein. When you make a mix of butternut soup and some organic carrots, you will have an irresistible combination. You should try it.


    3. Organic Butternut Soup will Help Keep your Bones Strong

    For bones to remain strong, they need manganese and butternut soup have about 17% of the Recommended Daily Allowance for manganese. In addition, Butternut Soup will help in maintaining a healthy bone structure, absorption of calcium and will help you improve the mineral density in the spinal cord.


    There is also a lot of Vitamin C in butternuts and this helps in building bone mass. There are also some other minerals such as iron, folate and zinc. These help prevent the body against a disease called osteoporosis.


    4. Effective Skin Protection

    Like said above, Butternut soup contains lots and lots of Vitamin C. Now, Vitamin C has been connected to maintaining healthy skin and boosting your immune system. Taking a lot of Vitamin C will help prevent skin wrinkling and dryness.


    In boosting the immune system, taking organic butternut soup will help decrease risk of developing infections such as lung infection and pneumonia. It will also prove valuable in preventing against immune system deficiencies such as cardiovascular disease.


    5. Helps Reduce Inflammation

    Because of its high antioxidant content, butternut soup may have anti-inflammatory effects. This helps reduce risk of inflammation-related disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.


    For example, a study by the University of Manchester found that those who had the highest intake of the antioxidant beta-cryptoxanthin were only half as likely to develop arthritis over a seven to 15 year period, compared to those with a lower intake.


    Another study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention followed nearly 400,000 people for up to 16 years, and found that a higher intake of beta-cryptoxanthin also reduced the risk of lung cancer by more than 30 percent.



    Sometimes staying healthy doesn’t need to both expensive and a hassle. What it only takes is for you to have food that is both enjoyable and comes at a low cost. Here is a simple recipe for making this amazing meal.


    If you are looking for your ingredients to prepare your butternut soup, then you should definitely get our organic butternuts that we will deliver cost free right where you are. It’s winter and you should also consider getting our winter soup box.

  • Benefits of Eating Organic Food

    A lot of noise has been happening over organic food lately and I think the noise is largely substantiated. Most people have been skeptical of organic food but each and every other day, organic food is proving to be the most preferred when it comes to your daily food consumption needs.

    We have complied an amazing list of 5 of the greatest benefits of eating organic food and why you should definitely start considering it if you had not. One thing you’ll notice after a month of pure organic consumption is that you will totally fall in love with organic food as it comes with a lot of innumerable health benefits.


    1. Antioxidant Capacity

    According to a lot of research done om the effects of antioxidants from food, most of the research has proved that antioxidants are largely effective when they come from organic foods as compared to non-organic foods. This may be due to the fact that in non organic foods, no  foreign chemicals will be confliting with essential elements like minerals and vitamins giving organic foods a distinct advantage when it comes to nutrient capacity.


    2. Pesticide Reduction

    One of the most talked about benefits of eating organic foods is that they don’t contain any pesticides at all. They are grown naturally which means all other man-made growth speeding agents are not considered when farming organic food. In turn, this means that the hazards associated with taking pesticides won’t be present when you take organic food. Some of these hazards include autism and ADHD.


    3. Immune System

    These days, farmers have been trying to make more using less in a process that’s referred to as genetic modification. Although this may prove to be efficient in producing more, it is not effective in maintaining your health because some of the long term effects of genetically modified foods are not yet understood nor studied. This means, the safer way to go an not be affected by these GMO’s is to consume only organic food.


    4. Taste

    One of the reasons why we find food attractive is that it tastes amazing. Most people ‘s opinion of food is that organic food tastes way better than non-organic food. So if you want full enjoyment whilst enjoying your meal, then organic is the perfect way to go.


    5. Environmental Safety

    One of the best benefits of eating organic is that you not only enjoy but you also help safeguard the environment. There are some pesticides like DDT that were banned becauase they are harmful to insect life. There are still more that are in use to date and each and everyday, they are prematurely shortening insect life. Well, the good thing is that organic foods are not grown using any pesticides. Everything used is 100 purely organic and safe for consumption.


    Parting thoughts

    So, if you are considering going organic, we’re glad to tell you that it’s one of the best decisions you will ever get to make and the truth is you won’t ever regret it. Don’t delay anymore, start eating organic.